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Buffing Buddy Exfoliating Mitt

Buffing Buddy Exfoliating Mitt

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Everything needs a total reset every once in awhile—including your skin!  For those times when you need a complete refresh between tanning sessions, Million Dollar Tan's exclusive Buffing Buddy Exfoliating Mitt Set has just the right amount of exfoliating power for smooth, even skin that’s ready for the perfect tan. This in-the-shower pre-tan prep product will remove dry skin, buff away rough patches and even take off old sunless tanner to reveal enviously smooth skin that’s primed for a flawless tan. Your tan will last longer and fade more evenly if applied to freshly exfoliated skin.

Buffing Buddy is exactly what you need for skin that's happy, hydrated and glowing!


To Use: Steam in the shower or soak in the bath for five minutes to get skin nice and soft.  Apply a small amount of a body buffer scrub to the exfoliating mitt and gently scrub in circular motions, focusing on uneven patches or areas where old sunless tanner remains.  For tough to remove spots, allow the skin to dry a bit and ring out the mitt.  Then, apply a bit more pressure and continue scrubbing.  Dry skin with a towel and apply a light layer of body lotion.  This provides a smooth surface for even absorption of the sunless tanner.  As Million Dollar Tan Sunless Tanners are light and buildable, you don’t need to exfoliate before each tanning session.  It’s best to exfoliate whenever you have dry or rough skin, or areas where a previously applied tanner has faded unevenly.
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